Disclaimer 🐼

Sad Panda in no way, shape or form, owns any of the books or dramas we review, we simply write about them.

If you have any problems with the contents of a book or drama reviewed by us please take it up with the authors or directing companies.

If you have any complaints about any of the sites we link to purchase books, then please take it up with their owners, as we have nothing to do with them.

View the content of this site, and the links given at your own discretion.

All reviews and overviews are © to their respective authors. All reviews and overviews posted on this site belong to Sad Panda Reviews and the original poster, DO NOT COPY.

We will find you, and if necessary, take legal action.

If you wish to use any of the content used on this site on your own, or wish to report something about either reviews mentioned or sites linked too, contact Drama Panda first.


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