About 🐼

Sad Panda Reviews is a non-profit reviewing service that specialises in all types of reviews.

We spend our time reading an watching so we can tell you what books and dramas are about (and if they’re any good!)

We work our way through numerous genres so that you can use our easy navigation system to pick the genre you want – and choose the book or drama you wish to read and decide if it’s worth indulging in!

For those of you who don’t mind spoilers, we’ve also got a nifty spoiler section in which we tell you what happens in the book and encourage others to chat about the plots, with added snippets of scenes – Oh, the tease!

If you can’t find a book or drama online, but have read the review and think it’s worth the read, don’t worry. With each review we provide our sources, where we read & where you can purchase legally so that you can always find what you’re looking for – without having to spend hours searching!

We also have a special request page, so that you can tell us about any books or dramas you want us to review, as well as the opportunity to send us in your own reviews so that we can publish them for others to read!

Since we have just started out we have a huge backlog of books and dramas to write up, so stick with us!


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